Friday, July 8, 2016

The Discourse on Fear

Chapter Three of the Gospel According to Krem

(1) At the birth of the year, Isvaz spoke again and neighbors crowded into the weaving rooms or stood at the door to hear him. (2)  For a moment he paused in the knot work but he resumed, saying:
(3) Abide in the Light and do not fear.
(4) Fear of lacking makes us greedy.
(5) Fear of opinion makes us proud.
(6) Fear of silence makes us noisy.
(7) Fear of injury makes us defensive.
(8) Fear that we might not prevail makes us quarrelsome and violent.
(9) Fear of trying makes us idle and fruitless.
(10) Fear of emptiness generates unhealthy desire.
(11) Fear of status makes us envious.
(12) Fear of the unknown makes us timid.
(13) Fear of discovery leads to falsehoods.
(14) Fear of hunger makes us gluttonous.
(15) Fear of weakness makes us bullies.
(16) Fear of chance makes us eager to control what we cannot.
(17) Fear eats at the soul as illness eats at the body.
(18) Fear teaches us to clutch what we cannot keep.
(19) Fear teaches us to flee from imagined threats.
(20) Fear blinds us to the truth.
(21) Fear imprisons us with chains of our own making.
(22) Let us not fear, for the Light shines upon us.
(23) Let us not fear, for Tivonu does not forget us.
(24) Let us not fear, for it accomplishes nothing.
(25) Abide in the Light and do not fear.

(26) With these words the Blessed One again fell silent and those who heard marveled. (27) Some trembled at the naming of their secret fears but most rejoiced at the call to forsake fear and wished to hear more.

The Gospel According to Krem, first of the Gospels of the Mithron Church, 41 CE, written by St Krem the Apostle and Evangelist in Pegda of Keltar.
© 2016 Paul E. Strid, all rights reserved.

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