Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let me take you on a journey

 Map and text © 2012 Paul E. Strid

Our journey begins in a parallel world, deep in the vast Forest of Norrast.  Soon the tribal people living there are joined by a Stranger from the world we know, a Yorkshire lad from Queen Anne's England.  From the Norrung capital of Vorthall this unlikely youth and his companions set forth on a classic quest to save their world from a demon.  They are joined by a wolf, a sorceress, a blustering aristocrat, some thieves, and a princess.

My greatest joys in writing come from rich texture, relationships, and character.  Nothing is written without topographical maps and genealogy charts that help me visualize a world of imagination.  Only a few of those make it into the text but they all underlie a saga that spans centuries.  I hope readers will enjoy this adventure.

With a little luck the first volume will be available in about a week and I hope to publish the second volume before Christmas.

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