Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who is G. M. Deveril, anyway?

The metafiction of The Chronicles of Mídhris is that it is the true story of an earthly family and its interactions with a parallel world.  There are many clues that they are not the only ones who crossed the dimensions but theirs is the story that is told.  The collector and redactor of all the family tales, and of the history of Mídhris, is a descendant of Ian Dyrnedon, the hero of Darkslayer.  His name is Grevedan Matthew Deveril and his ancestry is complex and fascinating.  Well, it would be, as he is my alter ego and in him I get to fantasize another life.  He is not a young demon slayer or an epic hero but a scholar, linguist, and student of history and literature.  He also has what I do not: an eidetic (photographic) memory, which makes him the ideal heir to all those historic and literary records in another world.  His Mithron arms appear above, the oak tree of Wolmsley from his mother and the flaming sword from his father.  The flower in his crest is Hermann's Peace, but that is a story from much later in the Chronicles.


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