Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Lion Throne is volume three of the Chronicles.  I had no idea that story was even in there when the first tale was written.  I thought there might be an episode in the third book and it became the entire third book.  It may be one of the hardest to write (I have been at it for several years) because it recounts a civil war and when you have armies marching in several locales at once it is easy to lose the threads of the story.  You would not believe all the spreadsheets and maps I use to keep track of it all.

Of course, once the first book is published the pressure is on to keep the next ones coming.  So, after a hiatus of three months, I got back to The Lion Throne and wrote a scene that has been hovering out there for a long time.

Primnel yielded to her curiosity and asked, “Did you have a love, my lady?” Embarrassed, she continued. “I mean, well, I am too young to know love and you sing so movingly. I’m sorry. It does not concern me. Please forgive me.”

A faint smile at last came to Vremja’s lips though her eyes were still sad.

“Yes, Primni.” 

The arms of the Barony of Dwar.  Vremja inherited the title when her father was killed in a slaughter that resulted from miscommunication. The Dwari are famous for their musical ability, symbolized in the three golden harps in chief.

Primnel is a precocious ten-year-old whose father is away, vying for the throne.

As announced earlier, I hope to have The Lion Throne published in 2013.  I still have about one third of it to write.


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