Saturday, June 23, 2012

Civil war reenactment

No, not the USA in the 19th century; Fjorn in the 8th century.

With forces scattered all over I have to review, again and again, which troops are where and when.  If they had milk cartons back then they would have been plastered with photos asking, "Have you seen this person?"  Right now I am reviewing chapters 50-80 to see where in time time I have left The Little Princess while creating a fresh chapter list with times and events summarized.  An index to the huge spreadsheet, so to speak.

Once that is accomplished I can return to the latest assassination attempt on The Princess, aunt of The Little Princess.  By now, of course, The Old Princess is dead.  Are you confused yet?  Wait until you meet my cast of characters.

There is a reason I list indices of persons and places at the end of my books.

I just came across this comment by Vjendar and was reminded that I rather like it.

I promised Volume Three in 2013.  Pretty sure that deadline can be met.  I'd love to get it out before this year ends but we shall see.  Lots of territory still to cover.  Meanwhile, new readers of the tales have the first thousand pages in Volumes One and Two to get through.


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