Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting unstuck

While I do not think this will be the final cover for the third volume, it is motivational for me.

For several years I have been stuck in recounting the Fjorn Civil War.  It is not easy to have armies scattered all over a principality and keep track of who is where when.  Even with huge spreadsheets and maps.

As with all The Chronicles of Mídhris, I already know where the story goes.  This series has lived in my head for a few months short of four decades now.  But the journey is the thing.  I may know how the story ends before I begin writing but what I don't know, and love to discover, is how my characters get there.

Knowing that volume two should be available in a week gives me a huge push to complete volume three.  I doubt it will be available any sooner than 2013.  But I would love to know it WILL be out in 2013.


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