Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hrapto of Uvna: Hostage and Champion

When I was in the early chapters of The Lion Throne (volume three), I had no idea that Hrapto of Uvna would prove to be an important character. I became very fond of him and he helps turn the course of the war and the entire story.

 Hrapto's arms would be differenced, of course, with flaunches for the third child (in Mithron heraldry).

The following is not part of the story proper:

The Lament for Hrapto

Hjelgi's sheep gathered that first day,
White puffs over the Heart of Fjorn,
But Dorgal's tears did not fall.
The second day their fleece was darker
And Mount Uvjor could no longer be seen
Yet still no rain came to bless the earth
As Ilga's cries echoed from the stone walls.
This was supposed to be the easy birth,
The third child, not the first,
But he did not come forth,
Reluctant to exit his mother's womb.
Not until the third day
When the rains came at last,
Giving drink to the thirsty land,
And Ilga's laments were turned to joy
Was a boy child born to Borgar the noble
And Ilga the Fair, his worthy wife.
Mi_ta and Vigwen smiled to see him
This handsome baby, their brother.
Hrapto they named him, after his grandsires.


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