Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have reached the point in the final proofing of the second book where, if you will, Ian joins Adam and Eve and realizes that he is naked.  That is to say: he becomes aware that he is not innocent and shares in the world's ills.

On Pentecost Sunday 2007 I was in a high state of emotional vulnerability.  As was the case this year, Pentecost fell on the same weekend that Memorial Day was observed.  I am exceedingly tenderhearted toward those who serve in the military (in sharp contrast to how I feel about war profiteers and those who start wars).  Driving to church that morning I was deeply moved by the beauty of music playing on the radio.  And when it came to me that the chapter I am proofing tonight had to happen I was reduced to sobbing.  I remember stopping at Coors and St Joseph by Pius X school and weeping profusely.  I was rather a wreck during Mass that morning too.

Tonight I can read the chapter calmly.  But I find myself pausing to consider it, to share this, to offer the graphic above.

I hope to publish volume two by the end of next week (for sale a week after).


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  1. An amazing tome, GM!!! You stand tall among authors! Years from now, you'll be proud of yourself for all your painstaking diligence in electronic manipulation. And you'll laugh as you enjoy a marvelous glass of wine in the Tuscan hills!