Saturday, June 23, 2012

Civil war reenactment

No, not the USA in the 19th century; Fjorn in the 8th century.

With forces scattered all over I have to review, again and again, which troops are where and when.  If they had milk cartons back then they would have been plastered with photos asking, "Have you seen this person?"  Right now I am reviewing chapters 50-80 to see where in time time I have left The Little Princess while creating a fresh chapter list with times and events summarized.  An index to the huge spreadsheet, so to speak.

Once that is accomplished I can return to the latest assassination attempt on The Princess, aunt of The Little Princess.  By now, of course, The Old Princess is dead.  Are you confused yet?  Wait until you meet my cast of characters.

There is a reason I list indices of persons and places at the end of my books.

I just came across this comment by Vjendar and was reminded that I rather like it.

I promised Volume Three in 2013.  Pretty sure that deadline can be met.  I'd love to get it out before this year ends but we shall see.  Lots of territory still to cover.  Meanwhile, new readers of the tales have the first thousand pages in Volumes One and Two to get through.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Volume Two Published

It will take a while to show up on Amazon but Volume Two, The Light Bearers, has been uploaded for sale in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1477640487

Available from the CreateSpace e-store now.  If using Amazon, be sure to use the widgets at OCICBW (right sidebar).

And so, dear friends, if I left you hanging at the end of Volume One, here is the rest of the story of Darkslayer's great adventure.

The rest of his life is recounted in Volume Four.

Well, there is rejoicing at Desert Farne, anyway. lol


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting unstuck

While I do not think this will be the final cover for the third volume, it is motivational for me.

For several years I have been stuck in recounting the Fjorn Civil War.  It is not easy to have armies scattered all over a principality and keep track of who is where when.  Even with huge spreadsheets and maps.

As with all The Chronicles of Mídhris, I already know where the story goes.  This series has lived in my head for a few months short of four decades now.  But the journey is the thing.  I may know how the story ends before I begin writing but what I don't know, and love to discover, is how my characters get there.

Knowing that volume two should be available in a week gives me a huge push to complete volume three.  I doubt it will be available any sooner than 2013.  But I would love to know it WILL be out in 2013.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hrapto of Uvna: Hostage and Champion

When I was in the early chapters of The Lion Throne (volume three), I had no idea that Hrapto of Uvna would prove to be an important character. I became very fond of him and he helps turn the course of the war and the entire story.

 Hrapto's arms would be differenced, of course, with flaunches for the third child (in Mithron heraldry).

The following is not part of the story proper:

The Lament for Hrapto

Hjelgi's sheep gathered that first day,
White puffs over the Heart of Fjorn,
But Dorgal's tears did not fall.
The second day their fleece was darker
And Mount Uvjor could no longer be seen
Yet still no rain came to bless the earth
As Ilga's cries echoed from the stone walls.
This was supposed to be the easy birth,
The third child, not the first,
But he did not come forth,
Reluctant to exit his mother's womb.
Not until the third day
When the rains came at last,
Giving drink to the thirsty land,
And Ilga's laments were turned to joy
Was a boy child born to Borgar the noble
And Ilga the Fair, his worthy wife.
Mi_ta and Vigwen smiled to see him
This handsome baby, their brother.
Hrapto they named him, after his grandsires.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Darkslayer: Part Two - The Light Bearers - was uploaded last night and I have ordered the proof copy.  I should have it by next Tuesday and I hope it is for sale by the end of next week.

Now the pressure is on to finish Volume Three of The Chronicles of Mídhris.  Tonight, however, my brain is fried and my body is not far behind.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rachje be praised!

The proofing of volume two is complete.  I need to add the front material and maps, format, and upload.

A bit driven this weekend as it is now past midnight and I go to work ere long.  But done.  Including the indices as in volume one, the first two chapters of book three, and an author's photo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have reached the point in the final proofing of the second book where, if you will, Ian joins Adam and Eve and realizes that he is naked.  That is to say: he becomes aware that he is not innocent and shares in the world's ills.

On Pentecost Sunday 2007 I was in a high state of emotional vulnerability.  As was the case this year, Pentecost fell on the same weekend that Memorial Day was observed.  I am exceedingly tenderhearted toward those who serve in the military (in sharp contrast to how I feel about war profiteers and those who start wars).  Driving to church that morning I was deeply moved by the beauty of music playing on the radio.  And when it came to me that the chapter I am proofing tonight had to happen I was reduced to sobbing.  I remember stopping at Coors and St Joseph by Pius X school and weeping profusely.  I was rather a wreck during Mass that morning too.

Tonight I can read the chapter calmly.  But I find myself pausing to consider it, to share this, to offer the graphic above.

I hope to publish volume two by the end of next week (for sale a week after).


Thursday, June 7, 2012

The second half of Darkslayer is full of romance

Desh, the Raven, is the goddess of love. As our band of heroes sail toward the Holy Isle of Vios it is said of two besotted star singers that "Desh flew between their eyes." It is fun to coin phrases based on another culture's mythology, maybe especially a mythology of my own creation. We all know the look when the Raven flies between the eyes of people in love.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paperback available on Amazon

I just checked and the paperback edition is available at Amazon.

Join Ian, Vladje, and the gang in an adventure that spans the Northern lands.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cover for the next book is designed

The big question is how long should I make the avid fans wait for the second half?

It has not had the third revision and final proofing yet, so it won't happen immediately in any case.  But the third book is still off in 2013 no matter what.